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ATI Services offers a variety of snowplow brands—along with their parts and accessories. We service and sell three key brands of snowplows: Curtis, Boss,
and Western (snowplow parts only). This variety gives you options between
straight-blade plows and v-plows with size options ranging up to 9' wide.
We even offer small enough snowplows to fit on a Ford Ranger!

Curtis Snow Plows & Spreaders

Curtis Snowplows are known as the world's fastest attachment snowplow—
for good reason! Their Hitch-N-Run® System uses a unique hydraulic jack
stand to position the plow at the exact height required for re-attachment.

Their Hide-Away Mount Kit gives you a sleek, clean and professional
appearance in the receiver frame as compared to other brands. Available
in 7' to 9' sizes for small and large trucks.

Learn more about the Curtis Hitch-n-Run system here.

We also offer the various spreaders Curtis manufactures as well.

Triple Action Blade
Tailgate Spreader
Sno-Pro Blade

The Boss Snow Plow

Boss Snowplows, Spreaders and Accessories offer a variety of options for
the snow removal professional. Models include the Power-V Plows, the Poly
Power-V Plows, Straight-Blade Plows, Poly Straight -Blade Plows, Trip-Edge Plows
and their Heavy-Duty Plows.

For example, their Power-V Plows have size options from 7'6", 8'2", and 9'2"
and offer the v-position, angle-position and scoop-position blade options.

Boss revolutionized the hitch technology when it came out with the SmartHitch
2 Attachment System—which is simple, easy to use and versatile.Just Flip,
Plug and Click.

Stop in and see just how the SmartHitch technology works and discuss which
model will best fit your needs.

The Boss

Western Snow Plow Parts

We have Western Snow Plow parts, although we no longer carry their new
slow plows.

Used Snow Plow Equipment

We occasionally carry used snow plows, so call or stop in to see if we have
the equipment you are looking for to purchase.